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CRETE is the most southerly of the Greek islands and enjoys long warm summers with approximately 325 days of sunshine each year. Average temperatures range from12C (54F) to 27C (88F). It is also the largest island in Greece being approximately 60 km wide and 260 km long, with a population of 500.000.
There are three airports on the island Both Chania and Heraklion airports accommodate International flights. At present the airport at Sitia only handles domestic, however International flights are expected in the near future.
Crete is a vibrant island, with a culture deeply seated within ancient history and myth. The island has a multifaceted appeal. It has something for everyone from the very young to the older person looking to retire to a warm and safe environment. One face of Crete is that of the holiday island with golden beaches, crystal blue waters and lively nightlife. Another is that of the small-unspoiled villages where life carry's on much as it has in centuries past.

The landscape is one of Crete's attractions and varies from the central wild and rugged mountains to the rich and fertile plains of the olive groves and vegetable plantations. Most of the villages in Crete have a village square, church cafe-neon/taverna and usually a bakery where you can purchase fresh bread and pastries daily.

The cost of living on the island is between 30-40% lower than many parts of Europe and is virtually crime free.
There is full range of sports facilities throughout the island. For the adventurous there are diving sites, paragliding, water sports, sailing, horse riding and picturesque climbing spots.
There are also private gyms located throughout the island. Should you prefer more leisurely pursuits there are the golf courses and the exploration of the archaeological sites, monasteries, Byzantine churches and so much more.
/The Town/

Agios Nikolaos, with 12.500 inhabitants, is the capital of the Lassithi province of Crete and 65Km away from Heraklion international airport. It is built around a picturesque lake at the north-western side of the Merabello bay, the biggest bay in Crete. The beauty here is endless with the seasons succeeding one another. The climate is unique: Dry, without humidity. The area is inhabited since antiquity.
Agios Nikolaos Today...
Major administrative, cultural and communications center, Aghios Nikolaos is one of the most developed tourist areas, not only in Crete but in Greece in general.


Having a valuable 30 year experience of organized tourism, its infrastructure matches that of any other European resort, for ideal and interesting vacation together with the traditional Cretan hospitality and the excellent climate. Thanks to the beautiful coasts, the great sights and the cosmopolitan life, this live city hosts every year thousands of visitors without losing one bit of its tranquillity and traditional hospitality.

The modern city of Aghios Nikolaos became internationally well-known during the 60's, "discovered" by famous cinema directors (Jules Dassin, Walt Disney etc.), BBC producers and many others. It was then, that the rapid tourist development of the area started. Today, Aghios Nikolaos is an international, cosmopolitan tourist resort, able to accommodate, effectively and efficiently, thousands of visitors each year.

A walk around the shopping area of Aghios Nikolaos is always a pleasure. You can find everything! There are many tourist shops, full of excellent articles of traditional Cretan art, Minoan copies and copies from the Popular Art museum, etc.

One can also visit fine art galleries and woven handicrafts, jewellery shops, international bookstores, kiosks with Greek and foreign press, cafeterias as well as traditional coffee shops, taverns and restaurants with an inexhaustible assortment of snacks and specialities of greek and Cretan cooking, accompanied with all sorts of wines or the local strong "raki".

At night, there are countless chances for fun at the numerous night clubs and discos, or at selected clubs with traditional Cretan dances, songs and mandinades or the latest hits of the Greek and international charts.


Agios Nikolaos is the ideal place for rest and fun, all year round and for all ages, combining the traditional hospitality with the authenticity of the genuine Cretan way of life. The visitor will feel secure and, if necessary, will enjoy a full range of medical assistance. At the Municipal play grounds, located at various points of the city, the children can enjoy themselves playing for hours. The Municipality has also a POLYCENTRIC, at the renovated traditional REX building with a movie theater and with a fully equipped CONVENTIONAL CENDER, suitable for 300 people.